A Guide to Products in Semrush Statistics

As current customers of SEMrush, Planet Marketing uses this valuable software to spy on its competitors, particularly local ones. When prospects call me, I inquire further for his or her top three competitors in order to base pricing off of the competition. Each of them agree and that’s the way i have landed a lot of my present clients. In general, I personally use Semrush to leverage information on the competitors, from Adwords to organic rankings and all things in between.

Right here at planetmarketing.com, we firmly think that performing competitive analysis is a must if you’re getting ahead of the competition when it comes to internet marketing. Nowhere has the saying “keep your pals close yet your enemies closer” been more fitting. Robust tools like SEMrush are good for snooping around and determining what’s working (or otherwise not working) for our competitors. It essentially crawls some 80 million keywords to compile information about one database, breaking down the information by organic search, paid search, backlinks, display ads and organic keywords vs. ad keywords.

Our main utilization of SEMrush is designed for market and keyword research, which will help us determine the right keywords for our clients’ SEO and PPC campaigns. Knowing phrase matches, related keywords and also long-tail keywords gives us a plus over our competition. It’s always challenging to find appropriate keywords for our target audience, however with this tool, we could make use of valuable resources that tell us which keywords are helping our competitors rank highly on all the major search engines like yahoo.

The issue with SEMrush is that their tools aren’t accurate. When you check out the image below, it implies that we just get 218 organic searches a month. I don’t think we would be in business when we only got 218 searches monthly. We certainly have almost that numerous searches daily. Also, the PAID SEARCH tab shows I’m only bidding on three keywords. That’s off too, however i can’t expect a lot more.

Despite these setbacks, the great news is available a snapshot of your own competitor’s info. Take note, it’ll be off, but that’s all of the info available that exist. Our competitors will never give use of their Google Analytics, Adwords, nor Google Webmaster tools. It only offers a snapshot of what’s going on. It’s better than nothing.

I use MOZ and Ahrefs too, but SEMrush is my go-to tool for competitor analysis. The key reason why we keep SEMrush in our arsenal of SEO tools is it’s the closest snapshot of what’s happening using the competition. When we combine SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, then we have a much better picture. All these companies includes a bot that crawls the web and 53devdpky the data. Imagine just how many servers a business would need to crawl, process, and store everything that info online. They don’t have Google’s financial power to achieve that. Also, these SEO tools are better for sites with more search volume, however are still off.