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Lucky enough to be travelling abroad soon? Wish to take your electronic cigarette together with you? This handy guide will tell you all you need to find out about travelling abroad with vape pen, from essential travel preparations to where you can safely vape.

Imagine: You land in Singapore, stroll through the streets enjoying the sights.

You haven’t possessed a puff for quite a while, so you put your hand in your pocket and draw from the trusty vapestick.

You inhale, experiencing the delicious hit at the rear of your throat before blowing out a cloud of beautiful vapor.

But then… a huge hand falls on your own shoulder. You turn round to find out an irate policeman. Next thing you already know, your holiday has been spoiled with a $200 fine.

As regulations on e-cigarettes vary substantially from nation to nation, it’s important you know the law before you travel, or you may have your e-cig confiscated, be fined and even imprisoned (an unlikely scenario).

So we’ve put together this handy in-depth guide to ensure you don’t get caught out.

In a few countries, there are actually no vaping regulations, but vape pen will not be common and inhabitants can be taken aback to find out you vaping. So vape respectfully, and be ready for curious glances and questions when sub-ohm vaping!

Whenever you can, we have now used multiple sources to verify each point/country in this particular guide, and get regularly updated guidance depending on feedback from readers. However, electronic cigarette regulations change on a regular basis and it’s possible those sources could be out of date. So it’s well worth double-checking with the local authorities/tourist information before you leave.

Most airlines allow e-cigarettes to become adopted-board within your carry-on luggage, but it’s better to check with the airline prior to deciding to travel. EasyJet as an illustration, allow an e-cigarette using a maximum of two spare batteries being adopted-board.

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It’s not usually a problem taking small bottles of e-liquid on planes (I’ve tried it frequently!) mainly because it falls beneath the 100 ml liquid limit. Obviously, you should position the e-liquid inside a clear plastic bag alongside your other liquids. For those who have large bottles of e-liquid you should put them in your hold luggage.

Exact regulations range between airline to airline, so it is worth checking!

Can I put my e-cig in checked luggage?

E-cigs batteries are now banned worldwide in checked luggage, so that all batteries must certainly be placed into hand luggage. See this post on VapeAboutIt for details.

Can I charge my e-cig in the aircraft?

You happen to be not any longer permitted to charge e-cig devices around the aircraft.

May I take e-liquid on the plane?

On most airlines you may take a modest amount of e-liquid in continue luggage (as with other e-liquids, this needs to be carried in one, transparent, resealable bag). Larger amounts need to be consumed hold luggage.

One exception is Flybe, which not any longer allows e-liquid to get carried on the plane. (Source: Electronic, water vapour cigarettes within the Exceptional Baggage about the Flybe Website).

Using ECigarettes on Planes

Can One vape an e-cigarette with a plane?

Forget it! The only real airline I know that lets you use anything resembling an ecig is Ryan Air – even so, you can’t use your own ecig, but you can get vape pen on board and use it. (I’ve not tried it, although yrs ago researcher Paul Bergen explained these people were pretty awful. If you’ve tried one, dexupky59 share your feelings inside the comments.)

QatarAirways are probably the worst airlines – folks have been arrested and had jail time for using e-cigarettes on the planes.

British Airways have recently banned the sale of e-cigarettes on flights to Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and also the UAE, on account of local regulations (which led to certainly one of their crew members being detained and interrogated after being stopped in the border with the e-cig).

A note for rebels – while vaping is not going to usually set off fire alarms in, say, an airplane toilet, it can and possesses happened. Obviously, this isn’t something we can recommend.